Cai Lifo Kungfu meets Shaolin Kungfu

Cai Lifo Kungfu is a branch of Kungfu that developed in Guangdong originally and spread to all over the world. While surely, Shaolin is the most famous Chinese Kungfu in the world……


4th Guangzhou Folk & Culture Festival Opens

Grain Que Flower Festival in Qingyuan
Service Hotlines of 110, 122, 119 to Combine
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Australians Can Vote in Their National Election in Guangzhou
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Airline Agencies in Guangzhou
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Ways of Transportation from GZ to HK--by ferry
Ways of Transportation from GZ to HK--by train/ bus
China Southern to launch Guangzhou-Vientiane flight

MNC, Franchised Tycoons to Have Preferential Benefits for HQ's Setup in Guangzhou……
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Dancers of the Shenzhen Folk Culture Villages perform with more than 300 students of Chinese origin from 12 countries such as……
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