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Main Functions of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Province
Latest Updated by2004-06-07 10:18:19

The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Province is a governmental unit specifically handles the affairs of overseas Chinese. Its main functions include:

Carrying out the state's policies,rules and regulations concerning overseas Chinese affairs; researching the conditions of the Chinese overseas; drafting and enforcing policies, laws concerning the overseas Chinese affairs; working out the development strategy on overseas Chinese affairs.

Accepting, managing and supervising donations by the overseas Chinese.

Contacting the Chinese overseas,Hongkong and Macau compatriots, and their associations.

Helping import overseas Chinese capital, talent and technologies; supervising and offering services to the key imported projects.

Protecting the legal rights and interests of the overseas Chinese, Hongkong and Macau compatriots, the returnees and their relatives.

Implementing the national policies of foreign publicity; communicating with the overseas Chinese medias, Chinese cultural associations, Chinese cultural and language schools; promoting and supporting the spread of Chinese culture and the Chinese language learning abroad.

Managing the United Nations Commission of Refugee programmes and projects in Guangdong province.

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