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The Resources and Native Produce
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Guangdong Province has an arable land of 4,340,000 hectares, and with forest cover of 11,000,000 hectares. The breakdown of its land utilization is: 3,128,000 hectares of cultivated land, 836,000 hectares of garden plot, 10,249,000 hectares of wood land, 27,000 hectares of grassland, 1,429,000 hectares of land for habitation, mining, factories and transportation utility. The land of the province is densely covered by forest, including 37 nature reserves and 33 forest parks. Guangdong has a vast oceanic territory and a crisscrossed network of rivers and streams. It also has numerous reservoirs and fishponds with a wealth of aquatic resources. The province has 780,000 hectares of seawater area and 430,000 hectares of fresh water area suitable for breeding aquatic life. Theoretically speaking, Guangdong Province has hydropower reserves of 10.73 million KW. And 6.66 million KW of it can be drawn on for power generation, of which 60% has already been developed. Guangdong has rich mineral resources. Altogether 116 kinds of mineral reserves have been found in the province and the prospects of reserves have been proven for 89 kinds of minerals. Among them, the reserves of kaolin, Peat, metallurgical gangue, trachyte for cement making, germanium and antimony rank the first in China. The province is blessed with diverse varieties of animals and plants. Rice is the major grain crop here and the cash crops are vegetables, sugar cane and fruits. Fruit from Guangdong is popular throughout the year.
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