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First Traffic Policewomen Branches in GZ Established
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On the afternoon of April 11, Guangzhou's first traffic policewomen branches were presented their flags and formally established. The two branches have 30 traffic police officers in total, selected from the Guangzhou Traffic Police Detachment through voluntary applications combined with unit decisions. Every traffic policewomen branch has 15 female traffic police officers who are proficient in basic traffic management skills including driving, traffic direction hand signals, computer applications, capture skills and others.

The traffic policewomen branches will engage mainly in directing traffic, correcting illegal traffic acts, carrying out traffic safety propaganda, and other activities. Their principal posts will be at crossings in prosperous urban sections, and they will also be responsible for directing traffic for large conferences and other similar activities.

(Translated by Guangzhou Association of Foreign Affairs Translators)

Source : english.gz.gov.cn

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