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About 120,000 People Earn 120,000 Yuan per Year in GZ
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Source: lifeofguangzhou.com

By March 31st, the end of tax returns, there were 118,329 eligible taxpayers having declared individual income tax to tax authorities in Guangzhou. All those who have earned 120 thousand RMB or more in 2007 should have declared their individual income tax.

Among the items of each declaration, 80% of taxpayers declared their payment. Most of the taxpayers where in Yuexiu District, Tianhe District and development zones.

The fields of finance, real estate and electrical power provided the top three incomes.

Top 10 fields of the individual income tax are:
Finance, real estate, electrical power, communication, construction, tobacco, commercial, technical services, medical treatment and education

Top 10 careers for individual income tax are:
Senior management staff, individual investors, owners of private enterprises, financial insurance staff, information and communication engineers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, journalists and teachers.  

(By Luna Yang and Alan Devey)

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