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103rd Canton Fair Adopts the Safety Inspection Standards of Civil Aviation Industry
Latest Updated by2008-04-16 11:22:06

The 103rd Canton Fair, the largest one in history, opened at the of the exhibition halls A and B of the Pazhou Complex and the Liuhua Complex simultaneously on April 15th. This Canton Fair has adopted the safety inspection standards of the civil aviation industry for the sake of security.

At the press release on the morning of 14th, the spokesperson of the Canton Fair and Deputy Director of the China Foreign Trade Center Xu Bing introduced that there were 42,659 exhibition booths in total and 18,721 exhibiting enterprises at the Canton Fair, which has increased by 10,653 and 3,667 respectively since last year.

Xu Bing said that, "this Canton Fair would adopt the safety inspection standards of the civil aviation industry for the sake of security. All attendants were required to show their certificates before entering the Fair and their passports or IDs as well in case of on-site inspection. Attendants were encouraged to enter the Complex at the suitable time but not to bring luggage that was irrelevant to the Fair."

Xu Bing pointed out that this Canton Fair has implemented a series of safety and security measures, including, but not limited to, personal identification.

On the other hand, "the safety inspections based on the standards used in the civil aviation industry would not be listed as a routine procedure in the future, since different measures would be taken in line with the unique characteristics of each Canton Fair," said Xu Bing.

Xu Bing also introduced that, "this Canton Fair would give prominence to the themes of 'quality, environmental protection, intellectual property protection, and independent innovation'. The Qualification Standards for Exhibiting Enterprises at the Canton Fair has been further improved to add standards and requirements of exhibiting enterprises in aspects of environmental protection, intellectual property protection, product quality, and credit status and so on."

(Translated by Guangzhou Association of Foreign Affairs Translators)

Source : english.gz.gov.cn

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