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MNC, Franchised Tycoons to Have Preferential Benefits for HQ's Setup in Guangzhou
Latest Updated by2008-01-15 15:03:05

Source: www.lifeofguangzhou.com

The multi-national corporations (MNC) and Chinese franchised tycoons will possibly enjoy substantial preferential policies of the Guangzhou Municipal Government if they choose to set up headquarters or regional centers in Guangzhou, as announced by the government during a trading conference yesterday (January 14), Information Times reports 

Clusters of office towers in Tianhe District, a Central Business District (CBD) of Guangzhou, South China. [www.guangzhou.gov.cn]

The government drafted a package of regulations to support the companies in the World's top 500, China's top 30 in franchised business, and the franchised corporations listed in China to set up and operate their headquarters in the city.

The companies can be entitled to a 30% refund of new taxes on and governmental allowances of £§1,000 (US$ 137) per square meter by installment for premise rental, according to the draft. 

Advice is currently being solicited for the draft.

(By Ronald Li and Alan Devey)

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