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Five Renowned Buddhist Temples in Guangzhou: Haitong Temple
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Five renowned Buddhist temples in Guangzhou are Guangxiao Temple, Huanlin Temple, Dafo Temple, Haitong Temple and Changshou Temple. Haitong Temple is the youngest of the five, but still has a history of over 300 years.

The atmosphere of Haitong Temple is special. It was once a private garden when it was newly built over 300 years ago.

In 1653 during the reign of Shunzhi, Kongying the monk was invited to be the abbot of Haitong Temple by King Shang Kexi who ruled Guangzhou at that time. It was Kongying who originated the field and garden.

As time passed by, the acreage of the temple got smaller but the scenery never changed and you can still see a large area of lawn, arborous green woods and high old trees just as 300 years ago. The archaic plants in Haitong Temple are very famous with the most famous being artabotrys hexapetalus.

The atmosphere in Haitong Temple is different from other temples in Guangzhou. The impression is not as solemn as the other temples but rather vivid and full of energy.

There are many stone chairs in the yard. You can see people sitting there enjoying the sunshine in the afternoons. Sometimes, monks yellow robes pass by, and you might even catch some younger monks giggling as they take pictures using cell phones.

This is a temple that can bring you tranquility. Every day, you can see people shadowboxing, exercising and fan dancing. And there are also seniors playing cards. Do not worry that noise might disturb the ambience of the temple, once inside people are quiet and tranquility reigns.

Add: No. 337 Tongfu zhong road
Bus: 1, 16, 25, 59, 26, 220, 270, 191, 248, 530

(By Luna Yang and Alan Devey)

¡¾sightseeing special¡¿Five Renowned Buddhist Temples in Guangzhou

Source: lifeofguangzhou.com

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