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Guangdong Hakka Museum Opens in Meizhou
Latest Updated by2008-04-10 12:47:51

Source: lifeofguangzhou.com/People's Daily

The Guangdong Hakka Museum, Guangdong Province's first and China's largest Hakka museum, opened on April 8 in Meizhou City, Guangdong Province.

In the hall (Meizhou Daily)

The Guangdong Hakka Museum project involved collecting, researching and displaying the Hakka culture with an investment of 130 million yuan; and covers an area of 163.2 mu. The architectural area is 15,000 square meters. The museum is comprised of a main hall and three branch halls ¨C Huang Zunxian Memorial Hall, University Hall, and the General Hall. The main hall is divided into five sections which emphasize five main themes that annotate the Hakka's spirit from multiple angles; vividly describe the Hakka people's five difficult migration periods in history; and display a great deal of precious relics, pictures and information visually reproducing the Hakka's traditional folk culture.

Hakka residence (Meizhou Daily)

Hakka costume (Meizhou Daily)

Linhong, on the behalf of Guangdong Government, claimed that as Meizhou possesses affluent Hakka cultural relics should make great effort to become a state-owned museum with a long history, spirit of Hakka characters, folk-custom, landscapes, and the center of researching, the carrier of spreading f Hakka culture , moreover, the window of Meizhou as well as Guangdong to open up to the world.

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