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Eight Projects for Guangzhou Listed in Second Batch of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Proclamation Catalog
Latest Updated by2008-04-16 11:19:35

Guangdong Province has 56 intangible cultural heritage projects (45 after consolidation) selected and included in the proclamation list for the second part of the national catalog. The official catalog will be released in June.

Guangdong carried out the application and appraisal works for the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects and organized relevant experts to make appraisals and scientific verification studies of the projects submitted by various local authorities. After selection, appraisal, public proclamation and approval from the provincial government, 80 projects from 8 categories were submitted and listed as elegible for the national intangible cultural heritage project approval process.

At the end of January this year, the Ministry of Culture announced the recommended project catalogs for the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects including 10 categories of folk literature, music, dance, drama, Cantonese operatic songs, acrobatics and sports, art, handmade arts, traditional medicine and folk customs. From among these, 564 items are newly added to the original 134 items listed in the first issue of the national intangible cultural heritage catalog.

Guangzhou recommended 12 projects, eight of which were nominated. They are the art of Lingnan ancient Qin in the folk music category, Guangzhou Jade Sculpture, Olive core sculpture and lime carving in the traditional arts, the Cantonese furniture production techniques and Color Porcelain in the traditional hand-made arts category, the Pangaoshou Chinese medicine culture and Chenliji Chinese medicine culture in the traditional medicine category.

(Translated by Guangzhou Association of Foreign Affairs Translators)

Source : english.gz.gov.cn

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