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Watchtower cluster


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Watchtower cluster
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Inside Kaiping city, watchtowers are scatter starry in the towns and rural areas, can be seen everywhere, there are at most more than a dozen of buildings or at least 2 to 3 buildings in a village. They are linked up several decades of kilometer vertically and horizontally from Shui town to Baihe town, withal from Tangkou town to Xiangang town, chishui town, showing great pageantry in the appearance. These watchtowers not only witnessed the politics & economy and cultural development in Kaiping, but also reflected the arduous struggle of the people in the hometowns of overseas Chinese and the history how they defended their country and homes. At the same time, it is also a lively modern architecture museum, as well as a distinctive artistic corridor.

Editor: Harvey Huang                                                                   By: Source: Kaiping OCAO

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