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Located in Tianhe Road North, the busy commercial and financial street, CITIC Plaza is composed of one 80-storeyed main tower, flanked by two subordinating buildings of 38 stories, together with a 5-storeyed apron building, covering a total land area of 23,000 sq. meters. It measures 391 meters high, crowning Guangzhou again with the highest building of the' 90s in the country, just following the 63-storeyed GITIC Plaza in Guangzhou.

The GITIC Plaza faces Tianhe Sports Center, with Linhe Road West on the left and Linhe Road East on the right, and Guangzhou East Station and Guangzhou Metro Terminus at the back, plus the splendid China Mayors Tower to the left. Nearby are many restaurants and commercial buildings, including Teem Plaza, Guangzhou Books Center, three large computer centers and several institutions of higher learning.

The subordinating towers are used as offices and apartments, with unit area up to 100 to 200 sq. meters. And the CITIC shopping center is magnificent, with the gorgeous lobby up to 21.3 meters high, decorated with round glass ceiling, much to its grandeur and spaciousness. The 4-storeyed CITIC shopping mall covers a shop area of 34,000 sq. meters, divided by glass with skillful integration, where name brands, e.g. garments and hand ornaments, etc., from home and abroad are sold. Donghai Seafood Restaurant on the third floor is open from morning to midnight. The fifth floor is the club for the rich and powerful, covering an area of 4,500 sq. meters, with complete facilities including those for sports and entertainment, children' s playground and swimming pool .

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