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Guangdong enterprises clinched deals worth US$ 1.24 billion at the 97th China Export Commodities Fair by Sunday, 60.2 percent more than the same period at last year's fair.

The amount accounted for 36.9 percent of the fair's total contracted volume. European, American and Asian countries -- Chinese exporters' main markets -- ordered five-sixths of Guangdong enterprises' total contracted volume.

Mechanical and electrical, textile and chemical products took the leading role among the export commodities.
Excluding Shenzhen, which organized its own enterprises at the fair, Guangdong organized 1,427 enterprises and reserved 3,748 booths for the event.

The Canton Fair also promoted Guangzhou tourism with inbound traveler numbers to Guangzhou increasing by 30 percent over the same period last year.

Most participants planned to stay more than three days after the fair to inspect the Pearl River Delta's investment environment said travel agencies.

Agents said this gave the region's tourism industry a much-needed boost.

Many participants complained about the rocketing hotel prices after the government canceled the hotel rare cap for the fair for the first time since Friday.

An New Express investigation reported some hotels' room prices rose by 20 to 50 percent before the fair opened. Some participants had to rent residential rooms near the fair, causing a rent rise. The rent for a 70-square-meter house had risen from 150 yuan to 500 yuan a day.

A random survey of 25 respondents including four foreigners showed 23 people thought hotel prices were far too expensive. Twelve people booked hotels while 13 people rented houses or lived with friends.
Editor:Dawn,                                              by:Han xinmin, Source:Guangzhou Daily
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