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Chinese Cloisonné Masterpieces Free Display
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Chinese Jingtailan (景泰蓝), or Cloisonné, a kind of enamelware art, with a decorated surface formed by different colors of enamel separated by thin strips of metal, is a national treasure.

Mi's work: Hundreds of birds rebuild their nests

The handicraft master Mi Zhenxiong (米振雄) has brought 110 pieces of the Jingtailan works to Guangzhou. Guangzhou people have a 7-day free viewing until January 17.

There are only 300 national-level handicraft masters in China. Mi, the only one who is disabled, has made great achievements in this art form. He was awarded the certified title of the provincial-level in 1988 and national-level in 1993. His was also appointed to manufacture gifts celebrating the ceremony of Hong Kong's return to China.

Date: January 11-17
Venue: Guangdong Provincial Treasure Hall of Handicraft Art (广东省工艺美术珍品馆)

(By Jessie Hwang, Alan Devey)

Source: www.lifeofguangzhou.com

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