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100-year-old History of Guangzhou Streetcar

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100-year-old History of Guangzhou Streetcar
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Many first-tier cities in the world had their own trams after World War ˘ń. Hong Kong Tramways came into existence in 1902 and opened to the public in 1905. Guangzhou people were increasingly looking forward to this new form of transportation when Shanghai announced the running of its tram in March, 1908.

On February 10th, 1915, the tram project undertook by Dashatou Engineering Bureau was approved by then governor of Guangdong. The streetcar would start from Shaji (Opposite to Shamian) Dashatou. However, the plan was still a sheet of blank paper until the 1940s, before the new China was found, the city government tried to build a railroad on Panfu Road to develop the city's trams.

In September 1960, Guangzhou trolleybuses were opened to the public. The 10 trams had turned over a new leaf in the history of tram development in the city. It was the No. 1 public transportation of Guangzhou.


Guangzhou's streetcar era began on Sep. 30th, 1960. (Guangzhou Daily) 

In September 1962, Guangzhou Electric Car Company was established. Tram No. 2 and No. 3 were added at the same time. Up to the early 1980s, Guangzhou had 4 electric bus lines in all; they were Line No. 1 from Dashatou Terminal to Yuexiu Park, Line No. 2 from Cultural Park to Dongshan, Line No. 3 from Cultural Park to Yuexiu Park and Line No. 4 from Dashatou Terminal to Zhongshan Ba Road. Yuexiu, Dongshan and Liwan districts have enjoyed this convenience since then.


In 1986, streetcars had reached 7 lines with Line No. 6 from Dongshan to Cultural Park and Line No. 7 from Dongshan to Zhongshan Ba Road newly-added. Later, all the 7 lines changed from No. 101 to No. 107 and are still used today.


As the city developed day by day, in 1989, bus No. 101 and 103 extended northwards to Jichang Road (near the old Guangzhou Baiyun Airport).

In January 2003, Guangzhou's electric cars got a new historic breakthrough by driving across the Pearl River to the city's Haizhu district.

In October 2007, Guangzhou launched a new arrangement for 14 public transportation companies in the city. The Guangzhou Electric Car Company came under the new Guangzhou First Bus Company.




Guangzhou's new streetcars.

(by Carrot Chan, Alan Devey)

Source: www.lifeofguangzhou.com

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