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4th Guangzhou Folk & Culture Festival Opens
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Delicate Pineapple Chicken.

The classical ancient-like ceremony of sacrifice-offering to sea was also staged. The ceremony reproduced the folk sacrifice-offering to sea in Qing Dynasty, accompanied by the folk phalanx of lotus lamps and pineapple chicken, enlightened with homage paying by human beings and dragon and alternate eulogy together with Guangdong featured ensemble of Chinese wind and percussion instruments.

The 4th Guangzhou Folk & Culture Festival and Huangpu Polo Temple Millennium Fair were officially held on March 16 at Nanhai Temple. This is the first time for the event to be co-organized by Chinese Cultural Promotion Society, the Bureau of Culture of Guangzhou Municipality and Huangpu District Government, which was prolonged to 7 days for the first time, running from March 16 to 22.

According to Chen Jiafei, Director of Huangpu District Propaganda Department, since its establishment three years ago, the Guangzhou Folk & Culture Festival and Huangpu Polo Temple Fair had attracted 1.5 million visitors from Guangzhou, the Pearl River Delta area, Hong Kong and Macau. The number excelled 600,000 last year, making it an important cultural brand for the citizens of Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta area and enlisted successfully in the provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Catalog.

Compared with preceding years, the folk custom features of this cultural festival are much more obvious. Besides the large ceremony of sacrifice-offering to sea and folk art performances held ceremoniously on the opening day, the legendary birthday congratulation of Nanhai God's five sons, Flower Bash, Ancient Beauty Makeup Creativity Show and Chinese Ancient Costume Innovation Design Contest made an excellent presentation as well.

Population Flow Management: On the Birth Day of Temple Fair (March 20), the single direction population flow scheme will be employed. The visitors may enter the Nanhai Temple from the east (Xuri Street or Qinghe Street) and leave taking Dianchang Road W.

Parking Lot: All the visitors' vehicles may be parked uniformly at the Ximentan Parking Lot, i.e., Parking Lot of Dianchang Road W.

Traffic Routes: Visitors may take Bus 210, 242, 292, 506, 560, 561, 566, 883, 884, etc. and get off at Nanhai Temple.

Tickets: RMB 20 for the admission ticket to Nanhai Temple during the Temple Fair.

(Translated by Guangzhou Association of Foreign Affairs Translators)

Source : english.gz.gov.cn

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