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Tips of taking a taxi in Guangzhou
Latest Updated by2007-12-03 17:14:10

 General Information on Guangzhou's Taxis Service

With an increasing population and fast developing economy, Guangzhou faces a big problem caused by a lack of taxis.

The city now incorporates 84 taxi enterprises with 16,000 cabs on the streets. The number of taxis has not increased since 1999. The amount of empty taxis has dropped to no more than 30%, while the amount of occupied taxis has risen from 50% in 2003 to 70% today.

Compared to Beijing's 63 taxis per 10,000 people, and Shanghai's 27 taxis per 10,000 people, Guangzhou has a ratio of 35 taxis per 10,000 people, which is considered low for a major business city. The average time spent waiting for a taxi in Beijing and Shanghai is 5 to 10 minutes while in Guangzhou it is as much as 20 to 30 minutes.

In the past, taking a taxi was a privilege of the rich. But now the situation has changed with taxi usage becoming more popular generally. If one has the fare available is it possible to hail a taxi in Guangzhou immediately? The answer is negative.

  WHY is it difficult to haill a taxi?          More

 1. Now it is the time for Guangzhou's taxis to upgrade themselves for a new generation. Some of the old taxis were sent away and the new ones haven't come out yet.

 2. The motorcycle ban leads to more and more citizens choosing taxis as their main source of transportation.

 3. Shift changes for taxi drivers hasn't been set properly usually switching between 5pm. to 6 pm. Unfortunately this is the peak time for traffic as people finish their work and head to dinner.

  HOW to solve the Taxi-Problem?      More
 1. A perfect bus transportation system would solve the taxi problem.
 2. Shuttle buses between bus stations and the metro stations should be efficient.
 3. Establish flexible cars for rental during peak times or during national holidays.
  Black spots for ordering a cab in GZ     More
 Tianhe Gangding computer center
 Longkou Dong Lu
 Longkou Xi Lu
 Tianhe Dong Lu

 Tips of taking a taxi in Guangzhou

There are 84 taxi companies in Guangzhou with 16000 taxis in different colors such as maroon, yellow, blue, green and khaki. What are the differences? In Guangzhou, if a taxi company owns more than 1,000 cabs it is considered a large company. Only 3 out of that 84 reach such a scale, and enjoy a good reputation among citizens. The three companies are the yellow taxis of the Baiyun Group, the blue taxis of the Guangjun Group, and the maroon taxis of Guangzhou Transportation Group. 

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