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How to Donate Things for Public Welfare in Guangzhou?
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What to contribute?
* Clothes, shoes, hats, bags, scarves, gloves and other accessories;
* Items you don't need or use, that are still in decent condition and usable are acceptable.

Who will the contributions go to?
* Contributions will be delivered by government officials to those in need who are troubled by poverty, family difficulties or natural disasters such as floods, droughts, fires and earthquakes in and out with Guangdong Province.

Governmental offices that receive public contributions for charity across the city:

1 广州市 广州接收社会捐赠工作站 多宝路涌边一马路3号
Municipal Contributions Office: 3, Chongbian Yi Malu, Duobao Lu (south to Liwan Lake, beside the entrance of No. 2 City Hospital), Liwan District
Working hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (All days)
Tel: 81943697

2 越秀区 越秀区接收捐助站 光塔路21号
Yuexiu Contributions Office 1: 21, Guangta Lu (near Huaisheng Mosque or Guangta), Yuexiu District
Tel: 83360388

3 越秀区 东山接收捐助站 较场西路东关讯3号
Yuexiu Contributions Office 2: 3, Dongguan Xun Alley, Jiaochang Xi Lu (east to China Plaza), Yuexiu District
Tel: 83822718

4 海珠区 海珠区接收捐助站 海联路160号
Haizhu Contributions Office: 160, Hailian Lu (south to Haiyin Bridge), Haizhu District
Tel: 34287787

5 荔湾区 荔湾区接收捐助站 逢源路逢源北街26号
Liwan Contributions Office 1: 26, Fengyuan Bei Jie, Fengyuan Lu (east to the main entrance of Liwan Lake Park), Liwan District
Working hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (All days)
Tel: 81376955

9 荔湾区 芳村接收捐助站 浣花路浣南街1号之二
Liwan Contributions Office 2: 1-2, Huannan Jie, Huanhua Lu, Fangcun, Liwan District
Tel: 81400404

6 白云区 白云区接收捐助站 广园中路238号(区府大楼)1楼
Baiyun Contributions Office: District government compound, 238 Guangyuan Zhong Lu, Baiyun District
Tel: 86388015

7 天河区 天河区接收捐助站 天河区棠下横岭一路
Tianhe Contributions Office: Hengling Yi Lu, Tangxia, Tianhe District
Tel: 82316055

8 黄埔区 黄埔区接收捐助站 港湾北路西三街14号
Huangpu Contributions Office: 14, Xisan Jie, Gangwan Bei Lu, Huangpu District
Tel: 82298686

10 番禺区 番禺区接收捐助站 清河路 石岗西段63号
Panyu Contributions Office: 63, Shigang Xi Place, Qinghe Lu, Panyu District
Tel: 84693412

11 花都区 花都区接收捐助站 新华镇公益路35号
Huadu Contributions Office: 35, Gongyi Lu, Xinhua, Huadu District
Tel: 86973125, 36897370

12 开发区 经济技术开发区接收捐助站 开发区青年路300号地下
GETDD (Kaifa Qu) Contributions Office: Ground floor, 300, Qingnian Lu, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District
Tel: 82215562

Hui-ling Charity Organization

It is a Guangzhou-based non-governmental organization that serves and supports people with mental disabilities through a variety of great services.

They offer an integrated kindergarten, a primary school, a training center, a sheltered workshop, a day care center for adults, and eleven
sheltered homes.

Those who are willing to contribute are much welcome to:
1) Donate used and unwanted items (e.g. electronics, cloths, furniture) to Hui-ling. Even if something is broken, they are able to fix it.
2) Become a part-time volunteer at Hui-ling;
3) Order some original Chinese handicraft made by Hui-ling people; or 
4) Become a Hui-ling donor or sponsor.

Website (multi-lingual): http://www.huiling.org
Tel: (+86) 20 - 8357 2736
E-mail: tekgzhlfz@yahoo.com.cn 

(By Ronald Li and Carsten Schwerm)

Source: www.lifeofguangzhou.com

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