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Service Hotlines of 110, 122, 119 to Combine
Latest Updated by2008-01-15 14:53:56

Source: english.gz.gov.cn

Over the years, Guangzhou has had many special service numbers, 110 for social security, 122 for traffic alarms or accident rescue, 119 for fire rescue or suicide succor and 120 for medical emergencies. Citizens of Guangzhou have expressed a longing for the combination of these special service numbers for some time.

Now, finally, the combination of 110, 122 and 119 can be realized in the first half this year. The principal of the 110 Station of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau disclosed on January 10 that the receipt of alarm calls in Guangzhou is expected to increase to about 2,000 cases shortly. In response to this, not only does the 110 alarm receiving team need extra hands, but also the Social Joint Command System launched in 2003 will need to be upgraded for the first time.

The combination of 110, 122 and 119 into one central number in the first half this year will not eleminated or cancel the special 119 number so that citizens not familiar with the new number can continue to use the old one through the phase-in period.

However, since the special 120 number belongs to the sanitary system and 110 to the public security system, the risk factor is judged too high and these two numbers will stay in effect separately. Therefore, there is no plan to combine the 120 emergency number with the 110 service, instead, the two will work as a joint social emergency unit.

In case of casualties involving public security, criminal cases, traffic accidents or fire alarms, the receiver at the 110 emergency station will assist the caller and place a privy C call 120 so as never to delay emergency care of the injured. Citizens can rest assured on this point.

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