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Re: About Succession documentation
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Q: I am Dr Li, an American Chinese. My passed father owns several real estates in Guangzhou. I wonder what documentation I should provide for the relevant procedure of succession.

A: Dr Li, the suggestions are as follows,

In accordance with some regulations, the successor shall first apply for the certificate of the right of succession at the notarial office in China, which requires the successor to provide the following certificates and materials:

1. the successor's resident's ID card or other original ID;

2. the death certificate of the predecessor;

3. the original evidences of the predecessor's legacy;

4. the certificate of all the successors' condition;

5. if anyone abandon his right of succession, he shall provide a declaration of abandonment, and he shall transact this declaration at notarial office in person if he lives in China, or shall transact it in the country in where he lives and get a diplomatic acknowledgement;

6. if the predecessor or the dead successor, who died before the establishment of the People's Republic of China, or after the very establishment, has no certificate of death, the (succeeding) successor shall provide the relevant abundant evidences to prove his death.

7. the notaries are required to provide other relevant certificate or materials about this notarization. And then, the applicant shall transact the procedure of change at the local administration of the real properties with the certificate of the right of succession, the certificate of the original proprietary, the certificate of the applicant's ID and personal photographs.

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