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Re: Why the toilet is still a problem in China?
Latest Updated by2004-06-06 12:26:06

Q: I have deep impression about poor facilities and sanitary of public toilets in China. I, Wen Shi Kang, vice-president of British Overseas Cantonese General Federation, wonder how the local government can pay attention to public sanitary. Should a "Toilet Revolution" be carried out in China? Toilet problem is not only related to social life, but also to the image of a city, and even a country. It can impose bad influence directly on sightseeing quality; and will further reduce foreign investment for poor environment. Meanwhile, improving toilet sanitary is good for SARS prevention and treatment.

A: To promote our country's image and status, the related organizations will draw up effective revolution scheme from now on and put it into practice so as to eradiate mal-sanitary habits. By carrying out "Toilet Revolution", China will show better images to the visitors all over the world.


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