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Root Searching in Guangdong
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Youths of Chinese Origin from San Francisco of the United States
started their root-searching journey in Guangdong

The 2004 root-searching camp of 15 American youth with Chinese origin form San Francisco, US arrived in Guangzhou on July 11th 2004 for their half-month Root-searching journey. The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guangdong Province (OCAO) and the Chinese Culture Association of San Francisco(CCAS) co-organized this camp. The arrival of the campers marks the beginning of a series of root-searching summer camp named as 2004 Root-searchingProgram in Guangdong initiated by OCAO.

With the assistance of the OCAO, the camp led by Prof. Zheng Guohe will go to Zhongshan, Taishan, Kaiping for root-searching and to Shenzhen and Dongguan for sightseeing. During 22~25 July, the camp will join the event of "Experiencing Guangdong--homestay with local family", an innovative event initiated by OCAO. The thirteen young fellows will homestay in local families in Guangzhou and experience the typical Guangzhou citizen's life.

the CCFS has been organizing American young people of Chinese origin to come to Guangdong for root searching since 1990. Prof. Mai Liqian, the famous American historian of Chinese origin, and Prof. Zheng Guohe, the director of the board of CCFS, are both leading organizers of the root searching program. Prof. Zheng has led more than 10 camps back to Guangdong to visited over 100 villages along the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong. He has helped 100 American youth of Chinese origin finding their origin. In July 2001, to mark their outstanding contribution to root searching program, Prof. Zheng together with other overseas Chinese individuals and organizations were awarded Leader of Root-seaching by OCAO.

This July, over 160 youths of Chinese origin from America, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand, Brunei gather in Guangdong. Their steps cover Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Xinghui, Taishan , Kaiping, Heshan. Most of the root searching campers are of Guangdong origin while it is their first trip to China and Guangdong. All campers will subsequently be invited to Beijing to attend 2004 overseas youth of Chinese origin festival organized by the OCAO of the State Council.

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