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Guandong Winter Camp 2004
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The Chinese association trip was an experience of a lifetime. Thank you to all the people who organised this for us as it was something I will never forget.
Being able to learn Kung Fu in such a historical place was a real honour. And although it is not something that I would have chosen to do in everyday life, it was an experience that i am glad we got to do. The government was great and treated as like really special guests.
The Village
To be able to go back to the ancestral village where my granddad grew up was of real importance to me. At first I thought that going back to this place would mean nothing/very little as we do not have ties there anymore and it is so far from what I have experienced coming from New Zealand. But when I got there I felt an instant connection, this was "my village" and going back was the highlight of the trip.  It would have been better if we had not been rushed through the village by time restraints and the bus driver/officials being impatient. I guess they do not understand how important it is for us to see this place whore our ancestors grew up.
The School
This was a really good opportunity to mix with local students and see how they live. They were all really friendly and
really wanted to meet os. I really enjoyed meeting all the kids and spending the day with them.

This part of the trip was another awesome experience. It was pretty rushed but at least we got to see several major sights. The best one for me was the great wall as there was so much history behind this place.
I would have prefered it if we had not gone to see the "factories" which turned out to be "shops", even though it was interesting to see where tea/silk/jade comes from, the "hard sell" at the end of the tour was unbearable. It would also be good if we could have free days in between our sightseeing expeditions (i.e. one at a time) so that we have time to catch up instead of them all at once at the end oftha sightseeing.
Hong Kong
Was far too rushed. Luckily I have been to HK before and stayed on at the end of the trip. But for the rest of the group 1.5 days was not long enough.Thank you to Janet for letting us have the freedom to do what we wanted and for making sure we all had a good time and didn't get left in China!


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