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In memory forever
Latest Updated by2008-08-13 14:44:49

  In these few days, I felt very excited. sad. and tired. I felt excited because I get to wear the army uniform and become like a solider my self. I get to experience how a solider feels in training and what training exercise they do everyday. I felt sad because sometimes I miss my family and love and care that they usually treat me. I also felt tired because we have to do a lot of exercise such as matching and learning some solider basics.

  In these few days I learned a lot of valuable stuff that I couldn¨t have learned it, if I didn¨t come to this camp. I learned how to cooperate with one another. I learn how to march with other people. I learned how to take care of myself and do things on my own.I learned how to socialize with other people and take care of each other. I learned how to fight the solider technique. I learned how to stand straight and react to a certain commends during this time.

  I think these few days is worth remembering, since I might not have these experiences anymore. I think these few days is the hardest, few days in my life, but the few days, I have learned and experience lots of that I can¨t experience elsewhere .I think these few days is going to be in my memory forever.

  All in all I think this trip is going to last in my memory forever. This is a exciting, sad ,and experience filled few days in my life.
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