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Interaction on Returned Students and Enterprise
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Director Lu is addressing

The Forum on Returned Overseas Students and Private Enterprise was held in at Garden Hotel on May 27th. Heated interactions were found among keynote speakers and other participants on returned overseas students'undertakings and private enterprises' development.

Heated interactions among kennote speakers and the audience

Jointly sponsored by Guangdong Overseas Exchange Association, Guangzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce and Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Student Association. the Forum attracted over 500 returned overseas students and private entrepreneurs in Guangdong Province.

400 Returned Overseas Chinese joined the forum

Mr. Lu Weixiong, executive vice-chairman of Guangdong Overseas Exchange Association and director of Guangdong Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, made a speech in the Forum. "This Forum serves as a platform for the new generation of overseas Chinese, returned overseas students and private entrepreneurs. We hope that through interactions of different ideas, the exchange and cooperation between returned overseas students and private entrepreneurs will be enhanced. That, I believe, is one way to further the implementation our government's strategy of building Guangdong into a economic power. For this purpose, Guangdong Overseas Exchange Association and other institutions are happy to provide assistance," he said.

Representatives from government agencies, law firms, associations and enterprises made remarkable keynote speeches at the Forum.

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