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Thai Chinese Journalists enhanced Cooperation
Latest Updated by2004-06-11 11:02:18

In late May, 2004, Ms.Chen Zhengyili, President of Chinese Journalists Welfare Association of Thailand, led a delegation to pay a good-will visit to Guangdong. The delegation was formed by Chinese journalists from Xieluo Daily News, Kia Hua Tong Nguan Daily News, The Asia New Times, The New Chinese Daily News, United Daily News, and Tong Hua Daily News.

On May 25th, Chen Shaoji, Chairman of Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPPCC, together with Zhu Xiaodan, Standing member and Director of Information Department of Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPC, met and entertain the delegation. Lu Weixiong, Director of Guangdong Overseas Chinese Affairs Office(OCAO), introduced the cooperation between OCAO and overseas Chinese mediums in recent years, underlining the one during the Chinese Spring Festival this year---more than ten mediums, including Kia Hua Tong Nguan Daily News, published the New Year Message from OCAO, together with the special page introducing the development of Guangdong. Some overseas Chinese Mediums also helped to organize The Ethnic Chinese Youth Roots-seeking Camps. The two parties agreed to further enhance the cooperation on cultural exchange, promoting Chinese literatures, and organizing the Roots-seeking Camps.

Editor: Xu Mingyang                                      By: Source:GOCN

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