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Course on Chinese Economy for Overseas Chinese
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In the graduate ceremony

33 overseas-born Chinese Entrepreneurs become the first graduates of the Senior Course on Chinese Economy for Abroad-born Chinese Entrepreneurs on April 14 in Beijing.

They have finished a 7-day study and successfully get their graduate certificates.

The course, specially organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of State Council and Overseas Exchanges Association of China, goes from April 7 to 14 in Peking University, one of the most famous universities in China, and focuses on the subjects concerning to Chinese economy, like judiciary systems, economical systems, laws, regulations and trading cooperation.

The 33 graduates, all born overseas, are from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philipines, Indonesia and Brunei. All of them are well educated in the countries they are living or in Europe and North America and experienced in running and managing enterprises.

Editor: Bonfol                                 By: Source: Huasheng News

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