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Success on Unsafe-apartment Reconstruction in overseas Chinese Farm
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An Spot Meeting

On April.29th, a spot meeting on dangerous-houses reconstruction was held at Lufeng Overseas Chinese Farm. The management officers introduced successful experience on unsafe apartment reconstruction, and made overall planning about reconstruction step by step.

In recent years, the problem of unsafe apartments is one of the most serious problems for the returned overseas Chinese in the farm. To solve this problem, officers seek assistance from the bank through great efforts since 1999. Till year 2003, the office accumulated construction fund through various channels and built up eight sets of new apartments.

With grand planning and construction on eight sets of new houses, part of the residence problems of the returned overseas Chinese have been solved. Each of these eight flats cost RMB 23000, only 15000 among which was funded by person. The success of reconstruction this time is a good demonstration for further reform.

Editor: Christine                                                                               by: Source:GOCN

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