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Lee Jiangqiao and Huangying's visit to Alma Mater
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------"This is really a wonderful day!"

"This was once my dorm room!"

On May 24th 2004, Lee Jianqiao, chairman of The Federation of Kwang Tung Association Malaysia, together with his good friend Huangying, a famous civil engineer in Malaysia, visited their Alma Mater, Zhongshan University. The trip was arranged by Guangdong Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.

 Huangying met his long-time-no-see cousin

"That was once my Dorm room!"Mr. Lee said with pleasant surprise, as soon as he found out the building in old style, under the guiding by the alumni association of the University. "Can you believe it? This is such a big modern campus, yet it is still there' 81 year-old Lee said, 'It really takes me back to the  2-year happy hours in 1930's when I was a student here."

Group photo in front of Huitutang Building

Huangying graduated in early 1950's and is now over 70 years old. With the help from the alumni association, Huang managed to meet his cousin, a retired associate professor of the University. "I have been waiting for today's meeting with my cousin for a couple years!" Huang said contently.

The two elders' visit to their Alma Mater extended for about two hours. After learning the developments of the University, and running back over the happy time half a century ago, both elders felt gratified.

"Thanks to both the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the alumni association of Zhongshan University for helping us a lot,"said Lee when he is about to leave, "This is a really wonderful day!"

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