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GIVES Donated for the Brain Paralysis Children
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Donation for the Brain Paralysis Children

On June 15th 2004,the Disabled Persons' Federation (DPF) of Yunfu Municipality held a ceremony to give thanks to the Guangdong International Volunteer Expatriate Service (GIVES) for their kind donation of the training apparatus, living utilities and funds to the brain paralysis children. Mr. Zheng liping,Mayor of Yunfu Municipality, Mr. Xie Jinming Secretary-General of Yunfu Municipal Government, Mr. Wu Weixiong, Director of the Foreign & Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Yunfu, and Mr. Wang Haowei, President of the Yunfu DPF attended the ceremony. Mr. Mayor Zheng expressed thanks of the Yunfu people to the GIVES leaders for their charity, presenting a souvenir tablet reading:
"The Disabled Children of the Undeveloped Mountain Area
Will always remember your kind donation and sincere care" 

With the support of the People's Government of Yunfu Municipality, the Brain Paralysis Children Recovery Center of Yunfu DPF went into operation on Sep. 1st last year. By now, the Center has successively received 16 brain paralysis children. After several months' training, each trainee has got a good result by different degree and two of them have almost been rehabilitated and enrolled in a regular primary school. The parents are satisfied and the social effect good. More and More parents are calling to consult and wanting to send their brain paralysis children there.

Why the donation went to Yunfu? There is a story. In order to improve the instrument of the Center, employ more technicians and upgrade the training skill, the Yunfu FPG applied to the Guangdong Provincial FPG for fund early this year. the Chinese text of which was translated into English by the Foreign & Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Yunfu Municipality. GIVES quickly responded the application, Ms. Rosaline Yam, Director of GIVES, Ms. Beverley George, for Marketing & Fund Raising Co-ordinater, and specialists in the recovery center of disabled persons of Guangzhou Municipality came to Yunfu to inspect twice and donated several sets of training apparatus and funds with a total value of RMB 100,000 Yuan.

After the ceremony, leaders of GIVES and the experts watched the performance of the trainees and looked around the Center. Impressed by the improvement and achievement of the Center, the guests were very satisfied and sang high praise for the works the Yunfu DPF had done with so limited margin. (Text by Chen Zhiyun and Hong Wei, while source from Foreign & Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Yunfu Municipality)

Editor: Wu Weixiong                                                                            by: Source: Yunfu OCAO



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