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Donation Confirmation Certificates Awarded
Latest Updated by2004-08-20 09:44:56

The award ceremony of Chaoyang overseas Chinese recent years' contribution and donation items' confirmation certificates was held in the conference hall of Chaoyang District Government , Shantou Municipality on August 12 .Officials of overseas Chinese affairs departments from town ship government , district office and some other relavant departments attended it . The ceremony was presided over by director of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau Mr Zhengxusheng . Deputy Chief Executive of Chaoyang District Government Ms Liyishan spoke at the ceremony and awarded the testimonials to the donors' original towns and street offices for 16 donated items with the value of donation which amount to over 47 million RMB yuan . Among the items , there are Yaozongxia Park in which well-known overseas Chinese in Thailand Mr Yaozongxia donated 4.8 million RMB yuan , and Linbaixin High school Gymnasium , to which the famous HK industrialist Mr Linbaixin donated 7 million RMB yuan .

To Began with,Deputy Chief Executive Li highly praise the overseas Chinese for their great ardour and immense contribution for various construction causes in homeland . Then she put forward that all the overseas Chinese affairs work team should pay more attention to the methods of work so as to attract more and more overseas Chinese to invest , initiate and set up pubic welfare cause in Chaoyang . She said , " If we always try to maintain the donated items in good condition , and make them yield sufficient social benefits ,the donors and the masses would be more satisfied . "


Editor:Tony                                  By Zouminhua Source:Chaoyang OCAO

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