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Overseas Chinese group meet in Beijing
Latest Updated by2005-05-23 15:41:08

President of the Houston Alliance for China's Peaceful ReunificationXu Hwa-chang has unveiled a proposal on how to improve cross-Straits relations on his current Beijing visit.

The 57-year-old Chinese-American will voice his support and ideas for the nation's peaceful reunification at the ongoing 3rd Conference for Friendship of Overseas Chinese Association in Beijing today, which drew about 400 overseas Chinese representatives from 80-plus countries and regions.

"I plan to propose a motion to further step up reunification process based on the passage of the Anti-Secession Law," said Xu.

After the milestone visits of Kuomintang and the People First Party delegations, more overseas Chinese have become more optimistic and confident about reunification.

"Reunification of the big family of the Chinese nation helps Taiwan boast a bigger market, a more secure environment and the international space matching its status as well," he said.

By Cao Desheng (China Daily)

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