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The 6th Guangzhou Police Open Day Celebrated
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On November 18th, 2007, the Guangzhou Marine Police that has a century-long history and has been quietly guarding the Pearl River came into the spotlight. The 2007 Guangzhou Police Open Day was held on the section of the Pearl River between the Renmin Bridge and the Jiefang Bridge and at the Marine Police Dock on Binjiang Road W. Unlike previous police open days, this police open day, with a "Century-old Marine Police, Rebuilding Resplendence" theme, was hosted by a single type police this year.

On the Pearl River, the naval and air police showed an excellent anti-kidnapping performance. Along the Pearl River were displays of the excellent equipment used by the marine police; also, some lucky citizens were invited to take a ride on the marine speed boats.

On the sidewalks of the Binjiang Road off the gate of Marine Police Dock, the Marine Police displayed the boat equipment, various marine equipment, public security command and communication vehicles and the special police force equipment. The picture display section was set up on the Binjiang Road off the gate of Marine Police Dock in 16 editions to display the milestones in the century-long history of the Guangzhou Marine Police. The video publicity section was set up on the sidewalk of the Ticket Office of Haidong Dock, introducing the history, evolution, team construction, marine affairs construction, and business operations of the Guangzhou Marine Police in the form of a documentary, which drew the eyes of the public.

At the same time, the Marine police also set up an information desk at the sidewalk off the Marine Police Dock to solicit opinions and suggestions from the public, handle consultation and reports and publicize relevant knowledge concerning self rescue in drowning, succor on water, on-site first aid to drowning victims, etc.

(Translated by Guangzhou Association of Foreign Affairs Translators)

 Source : english.gz.gov.cn

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