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Guangdong, New South Wales Celebrate 28 Years of Sister-state Relations
Latest Updated by2007-11-20 16:26:04

Source: www.newsgd.com

Mrs. Wang Xiaoling, Vice Mayor of Guangzhou and Mr Morris Iemma, Premier of New South Wales, dotted the lion eyes to celebrate the friendship of the two sister states.


To celebrate the 28 anniversary of Guangdong and Australian State of New South Wales¡¯ sister-state relationship, Premier of New South Wales, Mr Morris Iemma, accompanied by leading business and research representatives, visited Guangzhou yesterday.


Guangdong lion picks the green from Aussie Acrobat.


Guangdong is China¡¯s leading province in economy, export and manufacturing, while New South Wales also has a strong and diverse economy. Both enjoyed a continuously expanding cooperation for the past decades.

The visit is expected to open up new cooperation opportunities between the two sister states on education, wine, tourism, resource and mine.

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