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2007 Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival Kicked Off
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At 8:00 PM on November 23, the Opening Ceremony of 2007 Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival & PPRD Tourism Promotion Convention and a celebrating evening were held at Tianhe Sports Center. Numerous people showed up at the opening ceremony with countless fluorescence sticks shining like stars under the night sky. The large epic drama, Legend of Ship of Blue Ocean, took off the prelude of the exciting scene, which is long expected legend of the 40,000 honored guests and citizens. The fascinating fireworks lightened up the stage, with the upsurge of cheers of the audience on the stands.

The 36 flower vehicles from both home and abroad, the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, Hami of Xinjiang, and various places of Guangdong Province raised a wave of climax, displaying such scenic spots as the Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, Shilin of Yunnan Province, Huangguoshu in Guizhou Province, Kaiping Watch Tower, Danxiashan Mountain, Guangji Bridge, etc. in Guangdong Province as well as Sydney Opera House, and volcano in Kyushu, Japan.

The singers from "Super Girl" and "Super Boy" and Jacky Chan sang to the finger-popping music. The acrobatic performance of playing diabolo, Yao Nationality dance and song performance and Hakka Folk Song performance also stroke a pose on the stage.

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