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The 10th Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology to be held at the end of this month
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The 10th Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology is to be held on December 26, 2007. 400 excellent high and new-tech programs were presented on December 10th to facilitate the match-making campaign for local companies and institutions.

The areas covered by the 400 programs included biomedicine, electronic information, new materials, environmental protection, new energy, integration of light and electricity as well as agriculture. Of the programs, 170 are on their way to the Chunhui Cup, a competition devoted to innovation and business initiation by overseas Chinese. As an insider of the conference puts it, these programs have been subject to joint appraisals by Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education before being announced. "These programs were also blessed with traits for business startup and commercialization". The pre-exhibit is expected to last from December 10th to December 14th.

Apart from overseas Chinese scholars, some overseas Chinese scientists will also be attracted to this convention. For example, Dr. She Nian, Seattle University US will take his innovative technology, flood control and waterlogging emergency management in large cities for possible cooperation with domestic cities. In addition, some domestic and overseas risk investment institutions, new scientific and technological parks as well as Overseas Chinese scholars will follow suit.

(Translated by Guangzhou Association of Foreign Affairs Translators)

Source : English.gz.gov.cn

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