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Latest Updated by2007-12-24 16:41:17

The 10th Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology (GCOCSST), enjoying the same fame as the Canton Fair, is to be held at the Baiyun International Convention Center between December 26th and 28th. ¡°This session of OCS will attract the largest number of overseas Chinese scholars and, on average, there will be 40 scholars competing for each job" said Vice Mayor Xu Zhibiao, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the convention at a press conference..       

By December 18th, the number of qualified overseas Chinese scholars applying to attend the convention had reached 1,689. According to Vice Mayor Xu Zhibiao, the qualifications for attendance refer to the overseas Chinese scholars who boast over three years of working experience related to the job they will apply for and who have gained at least Master's Degree in a foreign country. Xu said that this session had raised the qualifications for applicants for the convention.

According to Conference statistics, numerous of the applicants are leaders in their fields and nearly 100 young overseas Chinese scientists will attend the convention. Additionallly, many attendees hope to seek cooperation related to patent technologies.

Xu said that there projected to be over 60 thousand jobs available for applicants and, as usual, participating enterprises will choose from those applicants qualified to take charge of their scientific projects. So far, there have been 38 such scientific projects listed, 11 of which are based in Guangzhou. Such scientific projects typically receive financial support from Guangzhou Municipality of up to RMB2 million.

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