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Cai Lifo Kungfu meets Shaolin Kungfu
Latest Updated by2007-11-26 17:13:52

Cai Lifo Kungfu is a branch of Kungfu that developed in Guangdong originally and spread to all over the world. While surely, Shaolin is the most famous Chinese Kungfu in the world.

This year¡¯s tourism and culture festival brought the two Kongfu together on one stage. The Kungfu exchange event was held by of Guangdong Overseas Chinese Affairs Office on Nov 24.

A total of 68 presidents and their disciples of Chan Wu Federation from 20 different countries attend the culture exchange events.

Cai Lifo Kungfu is a main style of Nan Boxing, created on the basis of Shaolin Kungfu by Chen Xiangong who was born in Xinhui of Guangdong in the beginning of 19th century. It is popular in the Southeast Asia and American European.

Chan Wu Federation £ºChan means Zen buddhism, Wu means martial arts. Chan Wu Federation is an international federation with the philosophy of uniting Chan and Wu.

 Source: Newsgd.com

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